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I recently purchased a Glowforge from a Glowforge owner. It had never been unboxed so I had the opportunity to unbox it. Well, I follow all directions exactly and proceeded to print my first print. Well, at the end of the print nothing happened. I went to look on YouTube for possible reason and I got to the video that says make sure the lens in clean…so I followed all of that and then got to the mirror to clean and it was not in there correctly and it was severely burnt and ruined. I sent a message to support and I’m waiting I guess until Monday. I am quite disappointed because I didn’t know it was under there and and I known…I would’ve made sure it was placed correctly. Has anybody else had this issue?


You’re not the first:

Thank you for your response. His experience is just like mine. Had I known it was there…this wouldn’t have happened. I’m waiting to see what Glowforge will do.

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Did the previous owner still have it under warranty? How badly was the head damaged? If not too badly damaged there is this…

I would certainly take the issue up with the seller if they sold you a damaged machine.

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Yea, it is still under warranty. She just received it on August 22 and I bought it from her on Friday.


The machine was never opened at all. I unboxed it. Everything was just as Glowforge wrapped it.


I expect that support will make good on it then. They are rarely fast but if there is someone stupidly reversing the head mirrors even occasionally they will want to fix that right away. I have found them to be at the upper range of honor among companies in that size range, and perhaps the top of the ones I have dealt with, though that is not a super high bar.


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This happened to me last Sunday. It was also from a brand new machine.

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I’m sorry this happed to you. I believe that if during the setup, if they specifically had owners look at all that, this could be avoided. How did they resolve it?

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I have been an owner for three years. Not one time —- not even close have I ever read
anything like this ever occurring.

I have set up 4 Glowforge Pros and I have never removed the magnetic lid during the set up.

My mirror situation was easily and quickly fixed. I kept the laser head from my Glowforge 3.

My Glowforge 3 was being returned and it only had 14 hours —-so I thought the best thing to do was to keep the laser head from GF 3 and return the burned up laser head from GF 4 with Glowforge 3.

I presented my idea to support and they said that would be perfect.

Support would have sent me a new laser head.

I did something for you—I sent an E-mail to Danielle about your mirror situation. She is very familiar with my problem perhaps you will receive an E-mail from her.

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Thank you so much.


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