Misalignment within same image - embedded raster images being resized and offset

This is a complete mystery.

  1. Exporting (for screen) SVGs from Illustrator for this particular project.
  2. Includes an embedded raster image in the center.
  3. Has worked flawlessly until last Saturday.
  4. Raster embed now misaligns and sometimes resizes as well.

Could this be a mismatch between SVG DPI vs raster DPI?


weird that it worked before and now does this.
are you re-uploading the file, or using the saved one from the dashboard?

and out of curiosity, what method/settings are you using to save out of illustrator?

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I’m not sure why the image was misaligned, but…have you converted your text to curves? It looks to me like the export changed the font of the text on top.

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  1. I use the same master AI file, but modify the variable elements.
  2. Export for screens to SVG, responsive unchecked.
  1. Yes, all text was converted to paths before exporting.
  2. The SVG text change is really odd as well - both SVG and PNG were exported for screens at the same time to ensure there was no variation.

just to rule out the export method, try “Save A Copy” as an SVG with these settings:


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I rebuilt the raster images into a single piece, flattened the layers and exported “as”. That has solved the alignment problem and stopped the outlined text being affected as well. I’m now pretty sure that something changed within GF software about how it handles embedded raster images. The original art was at 600 DPI, the new is 300 DPI.

I also noticed that GF changed the way it processes solid white color interiors of images - it used to just “ignore” the white, but it now treats it as transparent, or, if set to engrave, will burn the white as if it’s black. I guess I could adjust the power settings for that image.

Huh. I’d be concerned if white was engraving at all - it should be ignored. I haven’t had this issue in the last few days and I have been doing a bunch of 3D engraving on acrylic.

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The Glowforge interface treats white vector fill color differently from rasterized white. For vectors, white is engraved just like any other fill color. For raster images embedded into the SVG, white is ignored. (Always been that way.)

Don’t know if you were working with white vector fill, or rasterized white, but it’s a difference that might factor in to your future calculations. :slightly_smiling_face:


While I know that there are others who haven’t had this issue with Export, I noticed weird behaviors using “export” when I was first making gf files, and the advice from adobe was to use Save As or Save A Copy, which solved my issues.


Thanks for letting us know that, @jbv! We also recommend using the Save As method when saving an SVG file from Adobe Illustrator, as we’ve seen inconsistent results using Export.

@tim2, I’m glad to hear you resolved it. I’m passing this on to the team. If you still need help with this, you can send us the file you’re working with at support@glowforge.com, and we’ll be glad to take a closer look. Since you’ve marked this as Solved, I’ll go ahead and close this thread, but please start a new topic if you run into any other trouble.