Missing 71% of my order

Depending on the metric used, 71% (dollar amount) of my order did not arrive. (50% using unit item count)
The email/tracking notification I got said all items ordered would be included, and the order status page now says fulfilled. The packing slip on the order reflected correctly what was in the box, but not the full list of items. As the FedEx tracking clearly indicated that there is only 1 box for this order, the omission was clearly on the side of the sender.
I have sent an email to support, but the reply was only that they would forward the message to someone who will look into it. I feel that 3 full days is more than enough time to read through the tracking information, so I’m still wondering what is going on with my order.
I’ve seen in a similar topic that support doesn’t handle anything with sending materials, but if this is true - why is the support contact listed in all emails as to the point of contact for order problems or questions?

Your order of what? Proofgrade materials?

Support will handle all questions about shipping, what you might have seen is that support is not the actual shipper, a fulfillment company handles the actual shipping and sends them the tracking information once shipped.

Have you checked the charge posted to your credit card? Did it update to reflect the reduced amount that arrived? Just wondering if this is a case where when they went to fulfill the order things were no longer available.

Correct… 40 units of materials. :frowning:
I was much more complete in the emails I sent to support… Ref #213900

The full amount is still charged to my account. sad I can understand things being out of stock or delayed, but to say the order is complete and not answer questions is deeply worrying.

I wouldn’t worry. Mine often comes in separate packages sometimes even delivered on separate days. The packing slips were confusing as they led me to believe all items were shipped together, but they always come and I’ve never been shorted.


This exact thing happened to me on my last shipment. It was weird…but still OK.

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Posting here opens another support ticket but as you’ve said they’re already looking into it, so it’s not going to speed things up. As you know, they don’t ship the materials so it can take them some time to get a response from the people that do and get back to you. You’ll get your materials, or a refund for the missing items if they were out of stock.

I never said, nor am I looking to speed things up. What I am looking for is information as to what is happening. 3 full days (over 72 hours) is more than enough time to find out and respond with some kind of an update.
After the initial request, requests for update have also been ignored. I am fully understanding of delays or problems, we all have them especially these days. Heck, I was one of the first batch of pre-orders so I can be very patient.
What I am looking for is adequate communication of what is going on. The communication so far that I have received has not been favorable.
The major problem that has set me on this line of questioning is telling me that my order is complete when it is not.

When you post here in P&S you open a support ticket, so it pays to be detailed here as well. :wink: Since you’ve now created a duplicate ticket, though, they’ll end up closing this one and continuing with the one you started first via email.

Just a bit of reassurance. They have always taken care of me when I’ve had problems with PG orders (and I have had an issue - not necessarily GF’s fault - with the past few orders).

While support doesn’t send the materials (nothing surprising there), they do resolve shipping issues. FWIW, I have on several occasions heard nothing from support, but then received replacements for missing/damaged items.

I’m so sorry that your order wasn’t fulfilled completely! I’ve sent you an email with a status update, so I’m going to close this topic.