Missing box locks

When my pro arrived it was missing 3 of the box handle locks. I was wondering if you could send me 3 to replace those that were not there. I am including a photo of the box with the one in and other out. There were none on the other side.

I don’t think they replace missing box locks. When I’ve sent one back I’ve put the plastic locks in that I had and just fully taped the box edges - I used the stranded high-strength packing tape and apparently that worked because I never heard anything from GF that there was an issue.


Ditto, those are the worst handle-locks I’ve seen. Of the 2 machines I’ve had, I still don’t think I have 4 handles between them lol!


One survivor is pretty much par for the course. Thanks, UPS… ¯\(ツ)/¯

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They don’t serve any purpose but to assist in the handling of the box and distibrute load more evenly around the cut-outs, but they aren’t mandatory–I don’t recall if my box had all 4 with it or not. But box looks intact, so wasn’t an issue without them.

I’d be more worried that the box is on its side!

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FWIW, it’s normal that a handle or two is missing. I’ve had to send back more than one GF and the missing handles have never been an issue and they aren’t absolutely necessary. I just taped the box securely and it was fine.

Not a problem either. Doesn’t matter which way the arrows point, it’ll spend a fair amount of its transit time pointing a different direction. None of mine arrived in the correct orientation. Most people report that it’s been at least wheeled from the truck on the end.

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I think a few have been reported as rolled end over end up to the door. :man_shrugging:t2:


Mine didn’t roll, too flat and heavy…

… but also missing most of the handles. I just made sure to document it with support so that if I ever do need to send it back, they don’t blame me for losing them!

Good point. Glad GF had some decent packaging engineers that understood how to protect the unit well during transport & handling…

(Dealt with palletization & packaging issues in prior jobs–though one company the packaging designers never expected the freight company would load a leaking diesel engine on top of the pallet of units marked “do not top load”. )

Don’t feel all alone. I took a vacation day to be here when my 'forge arrived. UPS delivered at 7 PM.

Only ONE handle survived the trip.

If it ever has to go back for service, I’m going with nylon strapping. Might not be as elegant and cutesy as the snap handles, but it survives everything.


When I sent my first back I just wrapped tape into the handle holes upwards and downwards.

Thanks for letting us know, I’m glad your Glowforge arrived safely. I’ll make a note about the handles. In the unlikely case that you need to use the box for a warranty issue, please tape up the box and let us know.