Missing catalog items

I emailed support previously because I was not able to access any of the GF campaign promo items at all. After about a month I finally did see some on my home page, but only 4. I don’t have the Founders Ruler or the Gift of Good Measure. And I don’t know what else, if anything is missing… but I remember reading that the items in the Glowforge Launch Video would be accessible in the catalog. Am I mistaken? I’m positive, though, that the Ruler & GOGM should be there. Even if I go to the catalog and search the exact term I don’t see them.
Where can I find these missing items, and what items exactly included?


Have a Blast Cupcake Topper ( Exclusive!)
Party Plane B-Day card
Springtime in Kyoto Pattern
Waves ofGood Fortune
Straight Shot Cable Ties

Here is everything I see in the catalog. All of the items you mentioned are currently listed. There are other designs from the video that are coming soon.


Those are the last ones they added IIRC. You’re missing the Gift of Good Measure (previous update) and a set that were original back in the beginning of the year - Founder Ruler, coaster, plaque, clamps, etc. Send Support a note and they’ll get them added.

Assuming it’s not a case of you needing to hit the Show More button on the bottom of the app.gkowforge…home page. Those initial ones should have been the first loaded so they’re at the bottom of the designs you have/load.


It’s not that…they were never there and I can’t even find some of them by entering the exact name as a search in the catalog.

Ehhhh! Sometimes they go walkabout. Support can get them set back up when they see the request.

Do you have these :arrow_heading_up:? I don’t see them in your picture.


They are under my home section with the files I uploaded, but not in the catalog.

AHHHH…I see. I don’t see them in either place.


What web browser are you using? A lot of people who are using something else besides Chrome have had issues.

Here is the bottom quarter of my home page:

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Interesting. They’re in a different order than mine. Probably due to when you got your GF (mine was originally a PRU). Yours are nicely segregated at the bottom (first ones loaded to your account before you started loading your own). Mine has the new ones scattered in amongst my own designs - makes it harder to find :slight_smile:

I’d expect they have a new account provisioning routine that should setup everyone the same now but there have been multiple folks missing some - suggesting that there’s still some manual work being done to setup a new account.

But Support always gets them loaded pretty fast once they touch the problem ticket.

Mine are in the order they were uploaded/purchased. I have a few GF catalog items higher up mixed with my uploads. The only oddball is the votive holder. The wooden template and acrylic template are separated by 3 of my uploads for some reason.

I can’t wait for them to add folders, so I can keep everything organized.

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I am using Chrome.

I know, I can’t believe that’s not already available. It seems like such a basic function.

It’s just another field in the database, but if they can’t get everything to show for you (and the others with similar issues), I’d hate to see what happens when they add folders.

This is one of the biggest issues with everything being cloud based. (Along with the overly long rendering times.)

Thank you for reporting this to us! I’ve asked to have these designs sent to your account. I’m so sorry for the trouble. We’re looking into why these designs weren’t available to you.