Missing designs on new dashboard

I went to try and work on a order for a client, and only half of my designs I have created show up. It happened after the change in the dashboard. I really don’t want to have to recreate anything.

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Do you have Premium, or were they used within the past 30 days?

If not, they are automatically deleted.


If you have premium, try typing 1 in search. That brought up most of mine. Then I had to go through my desktop files find what they were called and do a search in Glow forge to find the rest. I just created a new folder called uploaded and put them in there. It was time consuming as at least half my files did not show up.

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Yes I have premium but these aren’t designs from Glowforge these are my own designs for my clients. Everything from last year up until April 2022 does not show up on my dashboard and it did last week because I scroll down to a design that I know I had printed in February.

That is seriously insane that I would have to do that. It only happens since their upgrade to their “folders“.

If you have Premium, then they’re in there - but they may have been auto-sorted oddly for some buggy reason.

First I’d search for them by name and move them into your own folder
Then I’d send an email off to support letting them know where they ended up vs where they should have been!


Yes, it was my own designs that I had to go hunting for as well.

I’m having a similar problem. I can only scroll several pages before it jumps to the start again. It doesn’t matter which folder, if there are too many it jumps back to start. I know I can search for my files but I have way too many to remember all of it. I’m trying to take advantage of the new folder system so I can move all my created content into one folder. I have Premium also.

People shouldn’t have to search for their projects for them to show up in the library, especially paying for Premium.

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Mine jumps too. It’s crazy. I agree we shouldn’t have to hunt for our designs. I heard someone post you can only add one design at a time to a folder. If that’s true it’s going to be even more frustrating.

…I’m not having that issue, and I scrolled for a long time.
Try a different browser - or make sure yours is updated?

I’m on Windows & Chrome 105.0.5195.127

Hopefully you’ve also sent an email to support@ so they’re aware you’re having issues!

Yes, I have send an emailed to support. I can now get items into folders using another browser, but still, not all my designs are showing up. Very frustrating.

I’m experiencing the same issues. I have premium and designs I’ve created are not population on the Dashboard.

As anyone been able to resolve this issue?

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