Missing Foam Bit for Laser Head


I am shipping my GF back for warranty repair (pickup is scheduled tomorrow) and realized that I lost the foam bit that get shoved into the hole where the laser head is. What should I do? I don’t want to ship it back without a protective cover or with a different cover (unless someone from the support staff gives me a written okay), and I can’t reschedule pickup or bring it to a shipping center myself. Any others with experiences with this?

(PS support I replied to y’all on e-mail as well but since I need to get the GF all packed up by tonight I wanted to see if others had experience with this and also maybe putting it in the forums will increase your chance of seeing it)


I know you don’t want to do anything without hearing from support if possible, but if it has to go out tonight, and you can find one, the foam seems similar to pool noodle foam…


Thanks for posting @wing . You should have just received an email from us with instructions.

We appreciate your attention to detail while packing up your Glowforge. Please let us know if you need anything else!