Missing Items from shipment

I placed an order on November 20 for cherry hardwood and draft board. When I received my shipment on December 8, half of my order was missing. I immediately emailed support and I am assuming my ticket has been closed because I’ve already received the email to rate how Glowforge handled my issue and I have not received a response. So I am posting here in hopes that someone from Glowforge can answer my question. Will I received the missing items from my shipment or will I be issued a credit?

Go into your account and double check if something is listed there as back-ordered, also check to see if you were given multiple tracking numbers. Both can happen.
Otherwise a staff member will see this shortly and respond to you via email (because it deals with private account information).

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Nothing is showing as back ordered, and I do not have two tracking numbers. My order status shows it has been fulfilled. Hopefully someone gets back to me soon.

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I’m so sorry for the wait. We received your email and followed up there. It looks like our message didn’t reach you, I apologize. I’ve just sent you an email with the details on your order.

I’m going to keep this thread open in case our emails aren’t coming through. Will you let us know here if you receive it?

Hi, I received the second email, I did not receive the first. Thanks for your help.