Missing Pro Glasses?

Are pro glasses still included with Pro units? I just so happened to be browsing the forums and saw someone say they didn’t receive in their shipment… I just went back through all of my packing materials and they were never in mine.

I had the same confusion after receiving mine. They aren’t included anymore.

I don’t believe those are still being sent out with the units. (They are available for sale in the Shop though…I really like them, they’re better than the other ones I picked up from Amazon.)


they are also a mostly effective means of birth control.


Not sure what you are meant to use them for. Mine are still in the drawer with the orange bits.

I find them fantastic when snipping sprues off of 3D prints. (But they come in handy for a lot of other chores as well…there are a lot of glues that I work with that I would not care to accidentally splash into my eyes.)

Oh yeah, and they’re supposed to be used when the metal plate is removed from the slot. :smile:


So they aren’t even really necessary? I thought I had read somewhere that the glass lid had some protection built into it as well.

The glass lid does actually block the laser beams. There’s a small risk when using the Passthrough that a beam could be reflected out of the flap area, but unless you are a small child, you’re probably not going to be down at flap level. Hopefully you don’t have a dog either. Anyway, they wouldn’t see the beam that blinds them, laser light is invisible. (It’s a very small risk, but blinded is forever.)

A favorite saying among early laser users: “Do not look into the laser with your remaining eye.”

You can decide your own risk level. Glowforge recommends you use eye protection whenever the metal guard is removed.


The Pro Glasses are not included with your Glowforge order.

The Glowforge Pro is a Class 4 laser. That means someone needs to be assigned as a “Laser Safety Officer” (LSO). The LSO makes sure your Glowforge Pro is used safely. We’ve worked with Pat Harris of Kentek Laser Safety University to provide training materials, included free, so you can be a responsible LSO for your Glowforge Pro.
The LSO training we provide recommends safety precautions to create “Class 1 conditions”. These safety precautions include using Proofgrade materials or Pro Shields. When Class 1 conditions exist, the Glowforge Pro does not create any additional laser safety hazards.

The Glowforge Pro should only be used in public or around children when the Pro Shields are in place.

For advanced users who create their own laser safety plan, additional safety precautions such as signs and the included laser safety glasses may be required.

If you’d like to purchase the Pro Glasses, you can find them at our shop.

Thank you to everyone for the helpful responses! I truly appreciate it!

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