Mixed media ideas

I just saw this video about dye sublimatable acrylic sheets that end up kind of like stained glass.

Not sure how to combine that with the Glowforge but some ideas are brewing.

For a while, I have been thinking about printing some of my photographs onto wood or other substrates and then etching a vector engrave of the same photos on top of that. That would require careful registration of the substrate in the Glowforge as I will likely want to apply masking to the substrate after printing to minimize the smoke damage to the printing.

Anyone else planning any mixed media projects?

EDIT: Not sure why that video is no longer available. I found this video on Conde’s site for a very similar project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1obGOfID0rg


Doggone, this group is the biggest bunch of enablers I’ve met in my life! Now here’s another thing I will definitely look into. One thing she showed that I really liked was the cooling jig to give that acrylic the perfect curve. Should be easy to make something like that with the GF.

As far as your question about mixed media, I have pretty wide ranging interests so mixed media is inevitable at some point.


Absolutely, or at least mixed methods. Cnc the big stuff, laser the inlays.


How is your dye sublimation printer working out? Can you show us some photos? I love the color themes of some of your products. maroon and dark green are my most comforting colors.


It’s a learning process (much like the Glowforge). Most things are coming out well but I have made my share of mistakes learning opportunities. Here are some of the better early results.

Cell phone cases printed the first night I got the printer.

A t-shirt I made for myself using a design I created my for high school reunion.

A couple coffee mugs I brought to a local store.

Part of my wife’s Christmas present. To appreciate this (or not) you have to remember my infamous postcard.

Oh, and thanks for the compliments on my designs. I’m very much inspired by earth tones and describe my design style as “subtly bold”.


Fan making is all mixed media !! :smiley:


Thanks a lot John, now I’ll be investigating dyesub printers. :wink:


Dye sublimation is not something you want to get into unless you plan to use it regularly. When I told my screen printer I was looking into getting a dye sub printer he offered me one cheap because it sat around his shop too long and the nozzles clogged up. And the dye sub ink expires in about 9 months. I waited to buy a printer until I felt like I’d have enough demand to print at least once a week.


Yup sounds like something to farm out. We (glowforgers) need to form a co-op as most of us are capable of at least one thing in addition to the upcoming laser work.


Yes. I’m a polymer clay artist*, and I love making lamps (http://www.ferociousmellow.com). To do that, I drill holes in glass for the bulb fixtures. I’ve gotten good at it, but it is my least favorite part of the process. I’m really looking forward to being able to cut flat panels of glass, cover them in clay designs, then fit them into GF’d lanterns.

I’m also looking forward to incorporating polymer clay into box designs.

'* confession: I haven’t given up my day job as a software engineer [yet?!], but my little etsy shop (https://www.etsy.com/shop/FerociousMellow) sells enough for me to feel like I have an excuse to keep making stuff, in that it’s not just piling up at home. Folks do buy some things are seem happy with them. I can’t wait to include some GF’d items!


Your work is beautiful!!!


Your work is lovely! Thanks for posting a piece and for the web site links.


Great share thanks! Mixed media is my jam and this product would work fantastic! I wonder if it laserable?


It’s acrylic so I assume it is laserable but I have not confirmed that.

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I love these projects. I’m sorry if you’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but what printer are you using for your dye sublimation work?. I’ve been looking into it for the last couple weeks.


As a now-occasional bookbinder, jewelry designer, etc., I bought the Forge specifically to do mixed media work. I spent about 3 months chewing on the possibility of getting a dye sub setup last year and ultimately decided it was too big of an investment at the time, but I’m really looking forward to seeing more of what you do with yours.


Thanks! After much research, I went with a Ricoh/Sawgrass SG800 printer. It prints up to 11" x 17" or 13" x 21" with an optional bypass tray. I had a real hard time with the ROI calculations. I’m still not sure I’ll have enough work for a timely payback. I’m hoping a local screen printer will subcontract 20 or 30 coffee mugs and maybe a few socks to me per month to augment producing mugs, plaques, neckties, and a few other things with my own designs to sell in a dozen local stores.


Well, I’m bummed! I was waiting to watch this while I’m on vacation & now the vid seems to be private. :cry:

John, I’m looking for someone to do small run dye sub transfers for me.
I can produce my own artwork, but with my low output, it might make more economic sense to outsource the transfers to use on my own heat press.
Is this doable, and would you be interested ?

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Well, that’s odd. Not sure what Conde took the video down. Here’s another video from them on a very similar product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1obGOfID0rg