Modern Mosaic Pencil holder (instructions?)

I noticed the design “Modern Mosaic Pencil holder” does not have a materials recommendation. It also does not have assembly instructions. Does anyone have a link or could we petition to have that info added.

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I believe it says medium plywood on the catalog page.

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You clicked on the […] Information button in the interface (after opening the file) to make the instructions pop out and nothing came up?


No Instructions included…


Non-Authoritative but hopefully-helpful suggestions:

  1. Use Medium PG Plywood (~1/8" thick)
  2. Score the top layer (top “operation” in the left column)
  3. Cut all the other pieces (Optional: Engrave the mosaics)
  4. Glue the small base on top of the large base using the score line as a guide
  5. Place the 4 sides around the half-notch in the base, overlapping each edge (clockwise or anti-clockwise), and glue (rubberbands are your friend)

Hope this helps! :sunglasses:


Great! Thanks!

I have built one and while I love the pattern I really do not like the basic design. It took several tries but I was able to come up with four pieces that the pattern cut all the way through, but if ever there was a design that favored being built with tiny fingers this was it. The details of the pattern are certainly smaller than the two millimeter teeth would be and cut through like that would make a very nice lamp as well. all that is impossible of course as there is no access to the design short of starting from scratch yourself.

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Looking for the Reset design button as I am not seeing it


Thanks! I just found it in the GFUI while trying to use it, not in the places I was looking for

Thank you so much for the details. I’m looking into it now. As soon as I have more information I’ll update this thread.

Also thanks for the impromptu instructions @dwardio!


I solved the issues by making a different design with a similar pattern…