Moments in Time


Years ago hiking a trail I emerged from between two boulders and this stopped me in my tracks.
I was so glad I had my camera (before the days when everyone had one in their pocket).

Something about a dead tree with the sweeping grace of it’s naked branches still reaching for the sky. The essence is gone, but the form remains. look at this tree with it’s past embrace of life on display. Some of the purest art I have ever seen.

So yeah - I have a laser now :sunglasses:!

(Ok, so I snapped off the top and added a bird)
Committed to an 8 x 12 piece of that beautiful :proofgrade: cherry veneer ply. I was thinking of using a slightly larger piece of maple to matt it with - until I set it down on the stack of tile that is pressing a stack of veneer I just got. it will hang in my home, as soon as I can devise a way to hang 5 pounds of slate on my wall.
Being able to reproduce this file with the push of a button was science fiction within my lifetime.
I now have the ability to emblazon moments in time on a variety of materials. Man I feel like I have been waiting for this tool all my life - I just didn’t know it.

Thank you glowforge :bow: :squee:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 6th, 2017

First off, that is an absolutely beautiful picture!!!
Second, you capured the essence of it and made it more beautiful!


Thank you! But I didn’t do it, the tree did it. I just witnessed it. :wink:


You captured that breauty!


Absolutely perfect!


Beautiful! And even better than the original by adding that little bird.


This is awesome… I have so many photos like that that I would like to do something with in this similar style. I also like that you added the bird as well.


That is the essence, pure and perfect



And omg, why have I not yet made my avatar??


Beautiful! Nice job!


Thank you all! :grin:
Speaking of moments in time, my days have been reconfigured. Much less time to spend here in the forum - Waking earlier, no more afternoon naps, and satisfaction with creative expression that has been long missing.

I reflect on all the time I spent here - waiting. Patience is not a virtue of mine, but man, it paid off in spades!


Wow. That totally broke my concentration…


That is absolutely fantastic.

I use these all the time when mounting heavy items to the wall.

I’ve even used then to mount large ceramic and blown glass objects.


Not sure if I totally trust the supported weight claims on the packaging, but I do like these hangers. I just bought more of them for my new place. I had a bunch of art hung in my old place with these and with some of the simple twisted-band hangers; These coated nails from Ook pulled out very cleanly when we were taking all the art down. The plain steel ones pulled bits of drywall out. All had been installed for a little under two years, and were holding far less weight than they claim to be capable of holding.


I’ve never tried to hang as much on them as they claim either, but they will hold far more weight than most hangers. I’ve also has very good luck when they need to be removed.

Easy up, easy down :slight_smile:


Thank you for the idea :+1:


I like your avatar, but man does it freak me out. Every time I see it, I hear the words “Here’s Johnny!” in my head. When I read your posts now, I hear Jack Nicholson. Lol


Even the item description says

Weight ratings are based on hangers nailed into studs and are for comparative purposes only, choose a weight rating that greatly exceeds the object to be hung

Sometimes it would just be nice to actually be able to trust product packaging had safety margins that didn’t make you guess what something like ‘greatly exceeds’ amounts to.


I agree. Unfortunately, there is no way for the manufacturer to know what you are going to be nailing a product like this into, so it’s less about the product and more about the wall construction materials and location (on a stud or not) than it is about the product itself.

While I’ve used their hangers that say they can support up to 70 pounds, I would never hang something that heavy and trust the device to hold. Putting in a over-sized hanger will help to avoid damage the object being hung and the hole that could result in the wall if the hanger pulls out.

In general, these are great hangers, but you still have to use personal judgement as to how much weight you feel comfortable hanging on your wall.


Happy Cinco de Mayo’s Eve !!

(My favorite illustrator - Wallace Tripp)