Monday Monday Monday


Got my ups shipping notice last night. Nothing directly from Glowforge but UPS says I can expect Monday delivery. Guess I better leave work early!


Outstanding! Basic though right?


Yes, a basic.


Now I’m excited! looks like I ordered 1 hour and 3min after you did!
May I ask; when did you get your email from GF re confirming your shipping address?


I could only be more excited if it was mine coming in. We’re so looking forward to seeing projects like we did when you had the beta.


Fabulous!!! Looking forward to more of your posts!


Yahoooooo! I suspect you will see a significant difference between this one and the one you had for beta testing.


About time :grinning: I’m ready to see what you do with your forever machine!


That’s awesome!


I’m really happy to hear this. You played a big part in keeping me sold when you got the first of the beta units.

It’ll be nice seeing whatever you choose to share. Congratulations!


Great news!


Fantastic! Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Production model compared to the original beta unit. :grinning:


Awesome. Great news.


haha i imagine you’re more than a little excited / relieved to get running again eh?


Just got the official email from GFHQ, so all good there. I was wondering what would have happened if I came home Monday and found the box in the front yard (or not).


Very happy to hear this! You have contributed so much to the development of this machine, and to this forum as well. Great to know that you’re getting your forever machine soon :slight_smile:




That sounds more like what would happen tith my sidewalk :slight_smile:


Awesome, Congrats.


Congrats but good luck. My tracking is Monday as well but it has spent the entire week in sanpablo call and I am in Massachusetts so I don’t trust the tracking info