Monster earbud cord wrap


Can’t wait to see what everyone does to put away their holiday lights this season. Meanwhile, a little stocking stuffer for you all.



Oh, that’s darling! :grinning:


Having trouble uploading files, maybe one of these works.

Earbud Monster 4.pdf (58.7 KB)


They’re uploading fine…the Forum here will sometimes shrink SVG files if they’re not zipped first, but the images showing can be downloaded by right clicking on the image and choosing “Save As” SVG.


How fun! Thanks for sharing the file. I am guessing, several folks may grab this design for a quick gift!


Oh, that is very cute. Especially the way the eyes bug out! Would make great gifts for kids.


Thanks for the file and the smile. Love the buggy eyes.


That’s neat looking as can be


I thanked my past self for them.


It’s so cute!


Very clever! Thanks!