Month old filter quit working now what

My filter died today after finishing a cut. I unplugged it when I thought I smelled electrical burning. The cord wasn’t hot. I opened the top and saw some debris, but nothing too disgusting. I’ve thought about filtering to outside for the time being, but I didn’t get the window part with the glowforge. Was I not supposed to? I thought that it come with the unit. I got it delivered a little over a month ago.

Looks like your filter is full. Time to order a new cartridge.

The only part provided for venting outside is the hose, which you probably used to connect the filter to the machine.

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Thanks for the heads up about the window filtering. As for the filter, it doesn’t even turn on!

If it was operating at full power while clogged like that, it may have overheated. There might be a fuse/trip switch on it somewhere?

If it’s not in the manual, support can help further.

I see we’ve already received an email about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.