More Art. Paper Cut. 5th project


Hi all. Another day, another project.This time paper cut with laser on cardboard.
I saw something like this somewhere and yesterday, after a long day with my baby at the hospital, I came to calm down with my glowforge and here the result.

Hope you like it.

All comments are really appreciated


Very nice. Would look nice with a colored cardboard piece in the middle also.


I like the way the white hilights the dimensionality and texture. The color from the mostly-hidden backing is plenty. Elegant!


I really like it. It’s all about directions to me.


I love the clean simplicity. Love it just as it is!


Especially if that colored one had a white core, so where it was flipped up, it would show white slightly.

However, I really really like the way it looks right now!


Very nice! Inwant to do something similar with butterflies!
I hope “your baby” is ok!
Take care!


So organic in movement, Lovely!


Oof this is right up my alley, love the simple beauty of this. :slight_smile:


Very cool design! Best of luck with the infant.


Sweet. This is something I’d never think to do but I ilke it.

I hope your baby is well.


It’s really lovely. Hope you have things squared away with the little one. :slightly_smiling_face:




What a lovely way to breathe after a trying day. I love the idea, it’s a nice design and something I think I’ll try with some coloured mountboard.


Quite nice. I like how each is turned slightly more… I’m thinking colored glass behind… and a distant window…


reminds me of moon phases. love!


I really love this…the simplicity, the white…it’s stunning and I wouldn’t change a thing. I hope that the creation time with this gave you the inner peace and calm that you were needing.


Captivating. The simple colors draw my eye to the intricacies in the design. Hope to see you make more projects like this!


Hi Gigin

Is possible explication how is the code for print in paper???

Thank You


Hi Hernan,

We can only discuss non-proofgrade settings in the “Beyond the Manual” area. :slight_smile:

Here is a post I think might be helpful: Somewhat Comprehensive Testing of Settings for Cutting Paper and Cardstock