More black Altoids tins!

I bought 40 of these black altoids tins, and I’ve been testing out a few different settings. This is the best looking one so far


I need to clean it a bit more to get all the residue off and make it shinier. I was just too excited to print more that I ran back to my glowforge before getting it spotless :crazy_face:

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Oh man, that looks great. I have friends who would lose their minds over these!

Are the tins powder coated, or painted, or something else?


Not super sure, but I bought them here:

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Are you masking before engraving? :sunglasses:

I was! Then I realized it was entirely pointless and just made it difficult to clean :joy:


@goatteaparty , would you be willing to share your settings for these? I’ve run through about 30 tests with awful results. The laser either fails to engrave the black coating, or all detail gets lost and it’s a blurry mess. I’m scratching my head.

For reference, I’ve got the tray out, with a jig for placement and the tins resting on the floor of the GF. Height is set to .475". I’m trying bitmaps on some and vectors on others. Convert to Dots yielded awful results, so I’m using Vary Power even though the image itself is pure black and white.

This is suspicious. I think your height might be off, leading to your blurriness.

How’d you arrive at that custom height?

You might find this useful.

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@goatteaparty that looks fabulous!! i’d be interested in the settings used, too, if you’re inclined to share. :slight_smile:

Fabulous! Congratulations on your results.

Oh for crying out loud. I bungled the math by switching the material height and the tray height. I need to elevate the tins more.

Thanks for catching my blunder!

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How did you know that you could engrave that material?


Metal that is not its natural color is probably powder coated, painted or anodized and the treatment is generally laserable. Especially if it is cheap.

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Hi! awesome tin. Would you mind sharing settings for engraving on tin?