More framed edge lit

Stealing a page from @geek2nurse and her awesome Framed edge-lit panel , I set out to do one.

I did my first a little smaller. This was about 5" square. It came out pretty good, and I learned a lot, so I figured now I’m ready for the big time.

Coming in about 10 x 6", the mountain and background trees are etched (with a defocus) on the back of the acrylic, while the right foreground tree and left grass area are a light etch (with defocus) on the front.

Now I’m working on a city skyline. I love how these come out.


Awesome, they’re really nice!

The little rectangle I stuck in below the battery holder on mine will stop that light coming through the wire hole. :slight_smile:


It’s got that rectangle cutout in it, there just happens to be a light RIGHT THERE, and I probably could have make the spacing a bit bigger (one of the things I learned).

I also used all the light. The small one is wrapped 3 times around, the big one 2.5 or so.


Ahh, I was looking at the top photo, it looked like light sneaking through the hole, to me. Carry on! (Mine ended up with a light right there, too – I really had to work to convince it to stay down in the light channel where I wanted it!)

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The colors on that are great. I like that you used a wood overlay on the name. The name kinda glows with an outline.


The acrylic under it is scored as an outline of the name. . That’s the “Glow”


ooooo I love that glow.

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Nice Curt! My favorite use of acrylic. :sunglasses:


These are fantastic.

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