More Luggage


Changed up the handle on the little one, so I wanted to show it too before I get on to something else - it’s got a wooden chain link handle that was fun to make.

And I don’t have a banana, so Tic Tacs for scale. :smile:





Banana, or it doesn’t count! :wink:


So cute! You continue to be an inspiration.

I’ve been thinking about chain link jewelry – do you think it would hold up to light wear?


That’s adorable!! :heart_eyes:


Oh, that is SO cute! Loving the chain link. I will look to see the design in the Catalog some day!


Great looking case


It would make a great purse. I love your design.


Love it, but I can’t figure out how you made the chain link handle. Would you kindly share a little information regarding that aspect of this lovely design?


Love it. Looks sharp.


I was thinking about doing some as well after this little experiment worked. I’ll have to come up with something slightly different for the links… you have to be very careful when you are linking the links, and it’s only the slight flex of the Proofgrade plywood (and the stiffer surface finish I think) that makes it possible to link them without breaking. (And I did lose a link anyway.)

But once you have them connected they would probably hold up for a little while. And it’s a good way to use up little leftover bits of Proofgrade that are too small for anything else. :slightly_smiling_face:

It works just like a regular chain link works…there’s a cut in the link that lets the wood bend just enough to open it and stick the other link through.

(At the magician’s angle…you know the method for attaching the two circles that are open but slightly offset?)


Soak your links in hand cleaner over night and you can link them easily. When the handcleaner drys off they will be stiff again :smile:


They’re plywood, I wasn’t sure if that would work in this case.


I have some nice 1/4 inch oak plywood that I was experimenting with…


That was too tight to be living hinge material, but expanded and in eighth inch, I can cut what ever size I need…


That’s cool. This is Proofgrade plywood, which has more of an MDF filling. (It swells.)

It’s nice that you can get that kind of effect on cheap ply though, I might have to do some testing on some of the other kind that I’ve got around here one of these days.


Humm I guess I will stick with non Proofgrade when it comes to plywood. The Revell is super clean and all wood.

And yes hand cleaner dissolves the glue in MDF


Well, I measure everything in tic tac so nicely done! Lovely handle.


My oldest son once tried an experiment to see if since tic-tacs have 1 calorie, could you live on them by eating 2000 tic-tacs a day.

He made a utility belt for pouches to hold tic-tac boxes. And yes you can live on 2000 of them per day. But it does make you jittery.

He didn’t make a week. :slightly_smiling_face:


He kept it up for more than a day? Cudos to him! :smile:


College kids are nuts.