More Phun With Physics

@jamesdhatch — are you sure six will be enough? :innocent:

1/335/340 (wood), 10/335/340 (anodized aluminium)


Haha! That’s freaking awesome!


Not sure how far I can safely carry that joke here…great job! :smile:

(Where the heck is @jacobturner ? He ought to be getting a charge out of these.)


Haha! Love it :slight_smile:

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Please can somebody explain it to me. The equation says the flux is 0 but why is that a joke?

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Must be a popular geek/nerd/physics joke, because it sells :confused:

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Ha! Me too. I think if I remove the wording, I just might get away with making something with this on it. All sneaky style.

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No Flux given. Replace the word Flux with plural of the most popular 4 letter word. Means “could not care less”. Might not translate well outside U.S.


Thanks. Makes sense here also, just me being dense.


I love the look of that anodized aluminum one!

I didn’t get it either. Probably because I’ve taken physics courses. The equation is supposed to be the integral form of Gauss’ Law, but q doesn’t belong under the integral sign. ‘q’ represents charge here and be on the left side of the equation. It’s supposed to be E under the integral sign, like the E in the diagram. Also the phrasing ‘No flux given’ isn’t a phrasing you’d find in a physics textbook. At that point I just gave up.

It wouldn’t make for a good simple image, but a story problem where you NEED flux in order to solve… but it isn’t provided… would make the joke sentence tell itself.

But yeah… would NOT be a good picture/shirt :wink: These are awesome.