More typography and a desk name plate


I’ve been AWOL lately, so I wanted to post some more things I’ve made. Mostly down the same alley I frequent, but they’ve been fun nonetheless.


Very nice! Really like the award stands.


You really do some beautiful work, especially with fonts. And, I love your wood acrylic layered bases. So classy!


You’ve got the awards down pat!


Your typography is the best—I’m a fan!


Every one of these is outstanding. Love the fonts.


Wow, these are so nice!


I really enjoy the way you combine wood and acrylic. Plus, your photo staging is wonderful!


awesome typography!


Thank you, @dan! I know that photography helps sell things, so I work with what I have to present everything in the best light I can.


What’s the font you used for “Thankful”?


Mothica Bold.


How thick is the acrylic for the I :heart:️ You




Your work is very cool. Thanks for sharing. Did you make the stands on the glow forge as well? how do you do the indentation?

Where did you get the font? I’d like to get it as well.

What material did you use on these typography projects? was it proofgrade or your own, if your own would you mind sharing the settings you used?


What font did you use on the BeYOUtiful? its really cool


There are two fonts there - The Trickster Display and Cocogoose.



Which one are you asking about regarding “the font?”

Everything you see here is Proofgrade except the first “I heart you”. That’s 3/4" white acrylic from

Yes, I made the stands on the Glowforge as well. I made the bottom extension as part of the cut out of the word and then cut the base to fit. See attached pic.


Clever, otherwise it wouldn’t have had the strength to hold it up.


I’m a HUGE typography nerd and love your designs. What cartoony font did you use for the “i<3you!” in the white acrylic?