Moroccan Votives/Lamps



Just a prototype really for the big one, but I’m needing something to hang over the tub. (Hate the one that’s there now…a cheap brass number from World Market. Very poorly made but it was what we could afford at the time.)

@Xabbess had suggested a round votive candleholder in one of the earlier threads - it led to a kind of 60’s retro “hanging beads” looking pillar candle holder, and the octagonal shape of that led to the Moroccan lantern prototype for over the tub. It will look a lot better scaled up a little - the small size of the cuts obscures a lot of the detail in it, but it did cut those shapes awfully tiny.

(I need to figure out how to wire it now.) :roll_eyes:


Awesome sauce!


I LOVE these! I knew you’d come through for me! Very nice, Jules. Now, I will look forward to seeing ‘the big one’…and I don’t mean ‘the’ earthquake up here in the PNW.

Thanks, Jules :+1::clap::smiley:


Love 'em both and your creativity too!


Those are some mighty purty lanterns!!

Great job @Jules!!


So Beautiful!


beautiful ! (what did you do with the dozens and dozens of little circles of wood?)


Thanks guys! (And I just vacuumed up the bits. And the bits. And the bits that escaped across the floor.) :smile:


Perhaps this:


Any retro octagon design should have little Chuck Norris’ around it I think, but these look pretty awesome already :slight_smile:


Yes! Many thanks! :grinning:


Such nice detail- well done!


Classy and elegant–as usual! Love these designs. That’s an interesting placement angle on the panels–I like it!


Those are sweet


@jules These are quite stunning!


Paddle Wheel. It looks really cool from underneath, which is the angle it’s going to be viewed from. :slightly_smiling_face:


LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I was just talking about candle holders this weekend on the GlowForge. Amazing.


Very nice work Jules!


Very very nice job @Jules inspiring… please continue to do that and more for us.:exploding_head:


Simply gorgeous. Jules, your amazing work is one of the reason’s I sit waiting patiently for my Glowforge. You are an inspiration!!!