Moroccan Votives/Lamps



Oh thanks you guys! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll be honest with you, right now I’m torn between continuing to show work so folks can get ideas, and not “rubbing it in” for those who are still waiting. Its pretty hard to know which way to jump, but I figure as long as I’m babysitting a PRU for Glowforge I’ll throw one out there once in a while when I’m happy with it. Dan mentioned the other day that they get motivated too when they see the things we are all creating.

I know things are rough for everyone, but they’re the ones working on getting the machines out…it’s to everyone’s eventual benefit for them to be motivated and not depressed.

And I imagine they get pretty down after every delay announcement.


Both are very nice!


As always, :+1:


Any concerns about the extra humid steamy air from the tub and the wood?


I think we’ve used that thing a couple of times after too much yard work…it should be fine. :wink:


Beautiful! For wiring take a look at They have some interesting cord sets and led light bulbs.


Those are great! If nothing else, that long teardrop looking bulb would perfect for this shape lamp! Bookmarked! :grinning:


I’m thinking that would look awesome with an Edison bulb with the soft yellow glow… or 200 Watts! (Welding goggles?) Ha! Jules, please don’t stop posting, I’m still facing a wait and the projects and creativity keep me following along.


Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Show your work…PLEASE! :slight_smile: Yes it’s hard to see them and not be able to do your own, but I’d rather continue to dream than be in the dark. Thank you.


Okay, thanks for letting me know…I’ve got another little thing for later tonight. :slightly_smiling_face:




Take that paddle wheel and go full steam ahead!


@Jules We can’t control other people’s experiences here and it’s not really our job to keep others happy. We love seeing your work and you shouldn’t give any thought to how others are going to react to it. The forum has gotten large enough now that either way you go, you will never please everyone. I think it’s in good taste not to go on and on telling people that they should just wait or whatever, but sharing your work is not “rubbing it in”. People can do the reasonable thing and simply not read the MOAGF section if it gets them down.


@Jules - as someone who’s waiting (I’m day 14! I think it shipped? Maybe it shipped!), these are the things that keep me excited for it. TBH I’m not on the forums much yet but MOAGF is my favorite section, so please keep sharing :slight_smile:


We all need more examples of Made on a Glowforge. This is a huge part of the forum’s purpose. Your posts like this most likely become sale makers for Glowforge and also assist in making the wait bearable.

While I certainly am tempted to post in such a way to “rub it in” that I have a Glowforge and others don’t, imagine if I had kept my PRU to myself? True believers don’t need to be in paradise. They just need to know that it is possible.

I would imagine that one of your big challenges is that you are posting your designs freely and thus lots of folks are going to use them. Not sure if you have plans for marketing objects, and I know that you have mixed feelings about selling designs, but I do hope that your designs make it to the catalog so they are drop in ready and that you get some compensation, at least some free Proofgrade.


Thanks for sharing, posts like this help to remind me why I ordered the GF in the first place, please continue sharing.

Laser noob here, what design software did you use to develop this?


I like the idea of just taking a percentage in store credits. That would suit me fine, and probably be something I’d be more likely to consider over taking actual payment for sales. :grinning:

It’s really about the amount of work involved. I’ve done file sales before. The tax situation on self-employed people is tricky, and very high, since a lot of the caps on taxes like Social Security don’t exist for us. I’d probably have to pay close to 48% total tax rate on any income from sales, although I honestly haven’t looked into it in a few years. It’s a real disincentive. :confused:

If I can, I’ll try to work something out with GF, (if they’re interested), later. I need to see where they’re going with this first. I suspect my initial assumptions about where they wanted to take this were skewed by my previous experience, so I’m trying to give it a bit of time and see what they’re actually doing before trying to push for inclusion in the catalog right now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Besides, they’re really busy. :smile:

These were completely designed in Illustrator. :slightly_smiling_face:


THIS! :+1: hmmm…discourse doesn’t like this curt reply, I guess.


I love that. Thanks