Most interesting or thought-provoking question so far



Dear Glowforge Staff:

'Tis the season for sharing and I’m curious…

What have been some of the top surprising questions you’ve seen/heard either within these forums or otherwise? (In other words, questions like “Can I give my cat a haircut with a Glowforge?” or “I could really use a new apple coring tool. Can it do that?”)

Also, what about really thought-provoking questions? Questions that made you say “Well, dang… We didn’t think of that!” and have possibly changed some significant aspects of the Glowforge hardware or software?

Anyway, if somebody gets a moment to share, I think it’d be fun to hear!

Happy Holidays to all!

  • Tom


Not a staff member but I’ve been asked repeatedly if it can do tattoos. :stuck_out_tongue: (which has been tried.)


You mean someone was actually idiotic enough to do this? ROFL! :smile:


Jeepers Creepers! I’ve never had a tattoo, but I’d bet being burned alive is possibly more painful than getting stabbed by a little needle hundreds of times. Either one sounds horrible. I’d sooner buy some artwork to hang on the wall.

  • Tom


What if you cut a stencil and placed that as a guide on the appropriate body part :sunglasses:?


Watching the idiots who do this, just makes me wonder if Darwin is rolling in his grave.

I not sure which is worse, the fact that they lasered themselves or that they recorded the stupidity and put it on youtube. :astonished:


Ive lasered myself by accident a number of times while working with my k40. It doesnt really hurt, and its only the very top layer of skin that really shows any discoloration. It doesnt even blister. Then again, im only using a <40w laser. Not sure what these people were using. You can definitely feel the wrongness as its happening though. I never attempted to do anything on purpose.

Maybe theyre using diode lasers, like 2500mw or something?


500 mw starts burning wood or paper in a second or less if the focus is good. (It really is all about the watts per square millimeter…) I wonder if you could do cool temporary patterns if you were really stupid…


Oh, not just someone… Google image search “laser cutter tattoo”… if you dare.


Yeeeeeeeep! :confounded:


Rather, he’s probably smiling in his grave. :slight_smile:


Darwin would point out that reproductive fitness and what we normally think of as “fitness” can be very different things, alas.


I do airbrush tattoos… with a stencil… does that count?? lol Although tattoos don’t hurt THAT much…but burning the skin does… Disclaimer…never tried tattoos with a laser… that’s crazy


I would think that actual tattoos have ink under the skin, so with only a laser you’re more or less just branding yourself with a hot iron. But there’s certainly plenty of people who are into branding as well.


Scarification as opposed to tattooing, but not pleasant to achieve either way, imo. :unamused:


Oh! My Eyes! Why did I give in to the urge to look, why!? There should totally be a Darwin award honorable mention in there somewhere.


I sadly watched the video… Yes


I hadn’t until I read your post…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I’d be tempted to change the focal depth halfway…:smiling_imp:)


Ironic since tattoo removal is laser based as it bleaches the pigment under the skin


Few odds and ends…

  • At least six TV shows asking if they can get their Glowforge deliveries early
  • Celebrities I’ve admired for a long time sending messages of support during the delay, who I actually had no idea were customers
  • Many wild experimental ideas that I just have to shrug my shoulders and say, “Maybe! Sounds cool! I don’t know!” (won’t list them because they might want to keep them confidential, but look at some of the ideas @volivaa has posted for a sense of how creative some folks can be)
  • An invitation to be on Shark Tank and a half-dozen similarly inspired shows

That’s all that’s coming to mind at the moment!