Mother's Day 2024

I’m trying to find inspiration to help me decide on a good Mother’s Day present. I’ve found a good amount of created threads for this subject, but I’m really curious to see new creations using the Glowforge Aura and Glowforge Spark models.


i don’t have an example for you, but if you want to use aura/spark, i’d say a custom layered or popup mother’s day card is a good starting point.


Thank you! I also still use my Cricut Maker a lot for cards, but I can enhance them a lot more with more laser compatible materials and my Glowforge printers :slight_smile:


Well as you know, the best thing about either the Aura or the Spark is that, unlike Cricut, you don’t have to tack down the paper to make what you want, as they cut beautifully because of the lack of a fan blowing stuff around or jiggling back and forth like on the Cricut. I use my Spark exclusively for anything paper, my Cricut exclusively for vinyl labels, and my GF Basic for everything else (including Siser HTV EasyWeed (which is non-pvc and laser approved).

Hope you show us what you end up making!


Here’s a couple projects I made in my Aura that might be of interest to you: