Motion Planning Error

I’m receiving a “Motion Planning Error”. This appeared upon trying to initiate an engrave after cutting a template.

The machine now cycles through the typical clicking noise, followed by a short burst from the print head fan, then rests for a minute or so before more clicking and fan…

I have power cycled the unit, and must manually move the print head to get calibration to complete, but it will only work for one cut before going back to the error described above.


Have you done a visual inspection to make sure there are no impediments in the way of the belts / gantry?

Indeed! Thank you for the suggestion, all the same.

Looks like I might have resolved the problem. I regularly use strong magnets to hold cardboard in place. Never have any problems, but today, I realized that I had one of the magnets directly under the resting point of the print head. I moved it, power cycled, and the error went away. Everything is working fine now.

It was either the magnet, or just some strange fluke.


It might be magnets, but the bad response from server thing seems like
a problem on GF’s side maybe. Curious what they’ll say.

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There are a few things that could have caused this, including the magnets – I’m glad you got it resolved. Please create a new post if you see it again!