Motor on right side of rail

OK got my first brand new glowforge plus. It’s supposed to be better than the basic, and a friend of mine has the basic which is great only to find plus means it came with baggage. I set it up as it explains the steps. Then turned it on as it gurgles a little, plays jumanji sounds then slides to the side and forward to home position but it’s a little cock eyed. The motor on the right seems to not be working with the left motor the right side growls a little. Needless to say I checked for obstructions, the rails and wheels all seem fine but it does not properly function. Its like that motor is unplugged or not as fast as the left. Any suggestions before boxing it back up and sending it back?

Try turning it off then gently pushing the gantry back until it is square. Then turn it on and it should remain square unless there is something blocking one side or catching on something.

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I’m so sorry for the trouble with your new Glowforge. I see that you’ve reached out to us about this via email, and I sent you a response there a few minutes ago. To avoid confusion, we try to keep things to a single support ticket per issue, so I’ll close this forum thread and will continue to assist you via email.