Movable bed?

I was wondering if any discussion has been made about the thickness of materials that the Glowforge will support?

I understand there is a 1/4th" limitation on cutting, but if I simply want to engrave a thicker material, is there a way to adjust the bed up and down? I have pre-ordered the pro version and this would directly impact the use of the passthrough.

Thanks in advance for any info.

Looks like we are limited to inch and a half, and that is with the crumb tray removed. Pass through limit is 3/8.


Thanks for the help @mad_macs!

It’s my understanding that the material to be lasered needs to be a half-inch or less from the laser head. So if you remove the crumb tray and your material is less than an inch thick, you’d need to shim it up somehow. It would depend on the stiffness of the material of course, but stacking up spare change is one idea.

Technically the material needs to be within a predetermined 1/2 inch range somewhere below the laser head so the beam can focus. I don’t know how close to the head the zero point begins but I’m guessing from the videos that it is an inch or so below the head. They would want to allow for clearance and reduce risk of head impact with the material. But your explanation is generally accurate.

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