Movin' on up! to a Glowforge Pro!

So its official, It will be here SATURDAY!

So I have been happily modifying my workspace to accommodate the new pro
‘Enterprise-1701’ – Since this one has a passthru slot I wanted to be able to move
the GF ‘out’ to allow for the longer wood, so I built an ‘extend-a platform’
(The silver box behind the platform is a flat exhaust system to outside the house, I am adding a flexible vent pipe that extends and retracts)


Yay! I know you like to “go big or go home,” so this new machine will be right up your alley. Expecting some massive projects in the future.


Speaking from experience… since the feed is from the rear on the Passthrough jobs, if you want to use the Pro on the large (48") sheets you need at least 6 feet clearance in front of and behind the machine…so I put mine on a table with castors that could be pulled out away from the wall when I need to do a large project. (It’s an obscenely tight fit in my little office…I have to take the french doors off to get out when I’m running a job. Otherwise I just stay in the office until the job is done.)


Untrue. Many passthrough jobs aren’t 48" long, and you can “pass into” for those. I routinely cut things that are 23-24" in passthrough without moving my machine at all. Even if you do have a project that is cutting the full 48" length of the sheet, you can get away with far less clearance in the rear. Just feed it from the front, you need something like 30" in the rear, because the front 18" or so are inside the machine already.

Yes you’ll need to wrangle the “one way” (ish) flaps, but that’s easy enough.

In your case, you don’t even need the huge clearance in front either, because you can just push the Glowforge back as you cut instead of moving the material (drawer slides, man).

Ideally, we’d all have huge workspaces… but we don’t, so you have to adapt. @Deleted, you’re the perfect person for that, you’re good in an improvisation situation.



if it doesn’t work I will try something else!


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Yikes! What is it with the puppy-eating tree! :scream:

The first-bit cut will go to the front of the machine, and since you can load it front to back, the 48" needed can start near that line at the front of the machine. I keep 30" from the back of the machine to the wall and haven’t found much need beyond that.

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And another project is COMPLETED (well, waiting for the exaust sealant to dry)



me with my 10 yards of fabric nicely rolled up and tucked into the crumb tray so I can print long projects and not need to move anything



Lovely shiny and new! Can’t wait to see your creations!

and the solution is in progress!

Be careful with the all-metal vent hoses, especially if they move a lot. They are very prone to small holes if they are moved to much.


thanks @bill.m.davis this is my first attempt at a flex hose design, It will mature as I learn its personality.

My original setup was the exhaust just going out a window, so I used some heavy canvas to cover the rest of the window. Even though it was a pro I found it easier to put the extra cloth between the lid and the door.

You can’t do that with wood, however.

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And vent pipe done!

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Another way of the exhaust hose…

As it turns out V-8 juice containers are exactly the correct diameter to fit the 4" fittings on the Glowforge exhaust and most other similar sized fans, through fittings, etc. and hold on very tight but are easy to remove or replace and transparent as well so there is less need to replace them.

Nice. Where did you get your table top?

lowes (or all places)

1-in x 24-in x 3-ft Edge-Glued Panel Square Unfinished Spruce Pine Fir Board

Item #: 856051 |Model #: 856051

Unit Price $28.50 | Subtotal $28.50

Must be new math. When I was walking in 3 feet of snow, up hill, both was to school, square was 4 equal length sides; 3x2 would be rectangular


hawhawhaw!!! – it was made by boring people, that’s why its square

Four 90 degree corners would be called square, not a square, even if on a rectangle

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