Mr Moose On My Hike

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I live in Alaska and we do have large wildlife. He did create a traffic jam for about 20 minutes while he had a leisurely lunch.


That’s scary. I’ve only ever seen a moose in a museum…and it was huge (and stuffed). My husband had to fly to Alaska several times for work, and he once called me by the side of the road saying a moose just ran past the rental car and it was twice the height of the car.


Yes they do get big that’s for sure. They are also very fast. I was a good ways away from him. He was relaxed and had no cares. His neck fur wasn’t ruffled, his ears weren’t pinned back, he wasn’t snorting, licking his lips or clicking his teeth, showing the whites of his eyes, whipping his head back and forth nor had he released of his bladder which they do when stressed. While I’m used to seeing them, they do hang out in my yard and eat my plants. I do give them a healthy respect and distance and enjoy viewing them at a distance.


My daughter was born when i was stationed in Adak. She’s my Alaskan souvenir.


Best present ever :two_hearts:


I went to Alaska twice when our son-in-law was stationed at Ft. Wainwright. I was so disappointed that we never saw any animals there. We even went golfing at the PGA golf course in Fairbanks and never saw anything. Just the mosquitos, which were HUGE!!


You must mean our state bird :rofl: those things can get big. The good news the big ones eat the little ones and they don’t bite us. Mosquito Hawks is what we call them. Did you do the Alaskan Dance? It involves a lot of body parts slapping as you try to stop them from draining you dry :joy: :rofl:

Not sure if you can see how many no seeums were around his rump.


No, didn’t do the Alaskan Dance, but gave my husband a headache from slapping them on his shaved head! They really took to it! :joy:


Love moose… Love Alaska!!! Rang in 2021 in a cabin on Nancy Lake outside of Willow. Spent the first day of the year mushing a team of Dallas Seavey’s excellent dogs, best New Year’s Day ever!!!


I’ve never been to Alaska, but we see moose here in Colorado. I’ve seen them a handful of times, like around Winter Park. Huge - incredible!


The only time I’ve seen a live moose (except in a zoo) was when I worked at a gold mine in Northern Nevada. We had one that would wander around the hills. Come to think of it, I don’t remember if I actually saw it, or just a pic a coworker took. :thinking: I did see a couple mountain lions when I worked there, however, which is NOT what you want to see when you are out in the hills by yourself with no protection but an 8lb bag of seed and you’re not even close to your truck! Fortunately they were on another ridge, but I sure kept an eye on them!


I’ve had friends run across mountain lions while hiking, etc, or have it come up on the porch at a cabin etc, that freaks me out! lol
I have a meeting but I’ll try to remember to come back and tell my rattlesnake story from when I was young lol (not direct encounter but almost) lol

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ok I’m back. I think I was about 12 or 13, walking around in the mountains, and had my younger cousin with me, he was maybe 4 or 5. My uncle, other cousin and sister (both about 2-3 years old) were walking in a different area. Long story short, they ended up going the way my cousin wanted to go and they ran into a rattlesnake and had to jump over it, holding hands with both little kids. (Now that I type this out, it sounds so uneventful. Hahahaha But it was scary at the time, and knowing that we almost ended up on a path where we would have faced a rattlesnake was scary. I would have flipped out. I’d flip out now if I ran into a rattlesnake, too, though. lol)


Yes they do get big.

Yikes on the mountain lion.

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Rattlesnakes are a whole different thing. Was laughing with a friend that in Alaska we don’t have to worry about snakes or scorpions…just things that put us on the food chain like Polar Bears :rofl:


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