Multi-color stencil

Going to use this idea for sure!

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Omg the “flappy thing” is amazingly brilliant. I love making stencils in photoshop, so i will be flappyyying lol


Is Glowcon for the glow forge actually a thing or are you just thinking in the future? Because Glowcon is already a thing here in San Francisco.

Well, looks like we’ll have to come up with another name. Quite a few folks over the past two years have posited a Glowforge Convention/meetup. I’d go.

Very, very fine. It’s actually pretty delicate, and will not survive particularly long as a result. Luckily, a fresh version is remarkably easy to make!


Amazeballs. :clap:

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I’m still waiting for my GF to arrive but will be referring to yoir tutorial when it does! Thank you for taking the time to share.


What kind of respirator do you use? Great stencil!

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I use cartridge-based half masks and full face masks from 3M, like

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That is very cool. What kind of card stock did you use? Also have you tried on any kind of transparency?

Think this is 100# stock that I got from amazon, but i use anywhere between 80# and 110# depending on what I can get ahold of cheapest at the time.
I’ve used old transparencies from an overhead projector, but not for a long time. No idea how they would laser. They don’t stay transparent after your spray them, and can be loud when handled.
Mylar works well, and oilboard works a treat.

Awesome! What settings did you use for the cardstock?

Some of my tests:

I strongly suggest doing your own tests on the material you will have, as it is almost guaranteed to be at least a little different than what I was using that day. Also, some settings may have changed as that was almost a year ago.


Holy cow! Thanks for the explanation. Love the final piece! You’ve always given great art advice and instruction.

(How did I miss this back in the day?)


Thanks @rebecca that was a fun one.


Rebecca! Where the heck have you been forever? Are you lurking and reading or finally coming back?


Hi @Xabbess !

Being an educator during the pandemic ate up most of my free time (and students before lasers ….).

All is well, and I am getting ready to fire up my beloved “Hello Forgeous” soon to make some gifts for friends and signage for a couple of local businesses.

It’s been so great reading posts of folks who have been in the forum for so long and seeing work of new contributors. I love the new features (wow!) and looking at all the new projects. Now I have too many new ideas swimming in my head.

(I am about 5000+ posts behind, but on the upside there is so much new stuff to discover and explore. Yay!)

Thanks for the hello! I have been lurking, periodically.