Multi item print. Some print, some Don't

Hey, so I have 4 identical coasters being cut as we speak. But two of them are not being cut at all. The laser is going over the areas, but only firing on the right side. This is the first time this has happened so far, and It’s quite confusing. Does anyone have any insight as to what is happening, Or can you point me towards a thread that can help me? It’s a little frustrating.

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One thing to check for is overlapping vectors…if you have two of the same kind of vector directly on top of each other, they cancel each other out and nothing happens. And it’s pretty easy to accidentally make and paste a copy on top of another one.

So check for that. If you’re lucky it will just be a file issue.


Insane! That is it! Have you found these things out by trial and error? Thank you so much! It’s almost done . I think I’ll just delete one layer and let it engrave again before touching the bed!

Thanks again for helping me out and doing it so quickly!


Lots and lots of trial and error!


I’m glad to see you received some excellent advice here on the forum. Thanks @Jules!
What Jules shared is correct; when there are overlapping vectors in a file, it sometimes creates print issues. Removing the duplicate paths or nodes often results in a file printing as expected. Since the advice you received got you back up and printing, I’ll go ahead and close this ticket. If you run into trouble with your print results again, please either start a new thread or email

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