Multi Pass


One of the advantages to making props as a living is sometimes I get to make one for myself and call it ‘practice’ :slight_smile:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending January 28th, 2017

<3 the fifth element, and that is totally amazing!


Wait… That’s not the same one I got in my LootCrate a couple months back?!


I was thinking the same thing, it looks very close to the Multi Pass we got in LootCrate. :smiley: Excellent work!


Supah green!


Chuckle! We all need one of these I think! Great job! :sunglasses:


No. :slight_smile:

In all honesty I found out about that one midway through the design process. Mine came out about 95% right but I had some material constraints I couldn’t do anything about so I am quite happy with it. I’ll adjust the next one a bit to make it more accurate.


Pretty damn close to perfect, I’d say!


Oh get the hell out! That is awesome!!


What?! That’s fantastic. That’s some awesome work (and an awesome job you have)!


Chickan good…


So nice!


That’s a very rewarding practice :grinning:


SQUEE!!! That’s some impressive work.


This is killer. any chance of going over the build process at all? What materials were used etc?


Awesome. Bravo.


Sure. I plan on making another here soon. I’ll document how I do it better this time.


Here is a kind of How Too on the Multi Pass build. First time I’ve done something like this. I hope someone finds it useful.


Mighty impressive!!!

So can that get you into bars and stuff? :slight_smile:


If I was Milla Jovovich, maybe? :slight_smile: