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How do I set up to print 4 coasters at the same time and can the design be centered on all of them

Are you cutting out the coasters or engraving a design onto already made coasters?
If the former just create an outline around your artwork, give it a different color, center your artwork in the outline and either create 4 in your design program or copy and paste on the dashboard.
If the coasters are already cut to size you might want to create a jig by measuring their exact size then create the artwork again with an outline of that shape and size. To place them on the GF you can bring in your work but ignore the engrave and either score a waste board or cut out holes in it to place the actual coasters. Then without changing the placement of your artwork place your coasters onto the scores or into the cutouts and then ignore the cut and engrave away.


I find that the best way to do this is to group all your work in the software of your choice and load it all as one thing. Use different colours for all the distinct steps - engraves. score and cut. Do the final cutouts last so nothing moves.

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Several ways to do so, here I will list a fast and rather foolproof method.

Make a design sheer 20x12
Make an outside parameter (border) SVG and center it at 10 (x) and 6 (y).
Take some scrap and pin it down secure in the middle of your glowforge.
Load the border design and cut it out of the scrap wood.

The existing hole is where you will place your coasters.
Any design to score//engrave will be right where it needs to be if you also center it at 10 and 6.
You can even add it on top of the existing border cut design sheet (to make sure it all fits) and just ignore the cut when doing it. (this requires the border cut design be a discrete color all by itself so it is seen as a single action to ignore and not part of the rest of the design stuff).

This entire scheme can also be done 4 times (as you requested) across the design page and the final results would be the same, just in 4 different locations. The trick is to position everything in the same places on the design sheet and to not move the cut border jig.
Example Placements: 4,6 + 8,6 +12,6 and 16,6.

Thanks for the info

I see you’ve gotten some great advice from the community! Did these suggestions help you get your print set up the way you want it?

Yes I got a few good choices.

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