Multiple file designs?

Does anyone know if there is a way to load more than 1 design at a time? I have several designs that I wanted to cut with a small hole/circle (for pendant,etc). and I have a simple circle cut in my designs. However, I can’t load the circle and then go and load the other design (only import a jpg,gif,etc). Any way to keep a design “on the table” so to speak and go get another? Or to open more than 1 design and load them on the bed?


No, you can only load one svg at a time. Then add non svg artwork (jpg, png, etc) via the Add Artwork link. I believe adding multiple svgs is in the hopper.


No, currently only one vector file open at a time. You can combine multiple vector files together in other software though (Illustrator, Inkscape) and then open them at the same time that way.

(Remember to use unique colors if you don’t want to cut everything at the same time.)


And also adding vectors already in the user design library. (Also in the hopper so I’ve been told)


Any idea how GFUI handles different Layers in an Inkscape svg? Does it cut just the Visible layers? or just the top layer?

As long as there is a color associated with either the stroke or the fill, the GFUI will see it and cut/engrave it. (Or basically, it lets you assign an operation to it.)

In other words, you can have something with a color hidden underneath something else, and the GFUI will pick it up.


Or another way of putting it… The GF ignores layers. It’s as if everything is in the same layer.


Combine all vectors in one design as you need them. Do all the layout as efficient as you want. Use colors to differentiate different objects and different cuts. Use layers to stay organized in Inkscape or AI or whatever. Can only do one SVG file at a time. But can load multiple bitmaps, but these will only be engravable.

@cynzu, There is one thing about layers that the Glowforge does recognize. If you turn a layer off or hide it, then it won’t be brought into the GFUI as an operation. Otherwise all layers are seen as one.

I use layers in Inkscape a lot to keep objects separate, such as different sides of a token, but they just pile up in the GFUI for now.


Being able to scale different aspects of a file in the UI has saved me several times. :sunglasses:


Although the current setup is something of a pain, I’ve been saved thus far by the fact that lasers don’t move the workpiece. I can add cuts and engraves to an existing thing (yeah, I know, the camera positioning issue. But still pretty useful.)


Just as an experiment by futzing with zoom, drag sizing and nudge I actually cut a few inlays that were decent. One (the Mother’s Day thingy) that was perfect. Not the recommended method from a material waste perspective.
Having the camera view and preview of the cut is really a cool feature.

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