Multiple nodes in Inkscape?

I may have dreamt it, but I’m sure it’s possible to add multiple nodes, evenly spaced along a path in Inkscape, in some simple fashion.
Can anyone help, or tell me I’m definitely dreaming ?

Yeah this sounds familiar to me too. I found this tutorial but it’s for older versions. Seems like the right track though?

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Yes, until recently I was using version 0.4ish, so perhaps that’s where the memory came from.
Looks like I’m stuck with doing it manually for now. :weary:

Does Extensions/Modify Path/Add Node not work for you?

I just tried it. It doesn’t appear to work for me on BSpline paths drawn using the pen or pencil tools, only regular lines and Beziers. Check the Mode toolbar in pen mode.

I’m using version .92 of Inkscape, and yes you can do it. Using the Edit Path by Nodes tool:
Select two adjoining nodes along a path using Shift+Click. Then click on Insert new nodes:
It seems to insert a new node at the midpoint. Repeat as necessary.

If you want to insert a node by hand, double-click on the line using the Edit Path by Nodes tool.

Note: this is just what a noob has learned by trial and error and happy accidents over the past couple of months.


Thanks folks, I just wasn’t looking in the right place !


The add node extension in modify path does a great job of adding nodes along a segment evenly spaced.

works on shapes too, it seems