Multiple passes over some lines

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I love my glowforge, works amazing. I do have an issue with it doing mutiple passes over some lines in my pdfs when cutting (causing slight scortching) and I have made absolutely sure there is only one layer of vector lines in my graphics software. I have tried exporting as PDF for print and PDF FLATTENED and it still happens for both. DO yall have any idea why this would be happening? With one design, it will do multiple passes on a few lines (out of many) and I have triple checked the file and it for sure only has one layer of line. The designs still work, and I am happy overall… my designs would just be PERFECT if I could solve this slight over burning it is doing on some lines.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks for your help.



Not an easy thing to explain. What drawing program are you using? And are you using an auto-trace?

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I am using Affinity Designer. No autotrace. Simple line, vector art.

Ahhhh. How are you creating the cut lines? Are they created in AD with a simple single vector line with a stroke color but no fill? (I’ve never heard that converting to a PDF will expand appearance but I’m wondering if that isn’t what’s going on.)

If you want to upload one of the problem designs someone can probably take a look at it and see if anything pops out about it.

If you don’t want to load them here, try setting your cut strokes to a very thin width line in AD, and you might see some doubling up in places. I usually use about a 0.1 pt stroke width and you can catch a lot of problems. Zoom way in on the problem areas.


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I am using a very thin stroke, single vector line. I checked them with .01 stroke and it was all good, no doubling zoomed very far in. Can the Glowforge cut with SVG? I might try that the next time I am at my workroom if it can cut with SVG files. Thank you for the help.

Yes, the majority of us use SVGs.

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Yeah, don’t know what’s going on with the PDFs…first time I’ve heard of it doing that. I’d definitely try the SVGs…we’ve got some instructions on setting them up correctly here:

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Thank you <3 I really appreciate your assistance. I am going to use SVG in a few days and see how it goes.

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Thanks for the help everyone!

I’m so sorry you’re having trouble. Let us know if the SVGs resolve the problem for you.

And if you have files you can share, that can be helpful too.

Good luck