Multiple PRO machines from a single computer

I sent this into support this morning but thought I would also throw it out to the community. I have 3 pro machines and looking to add additional in the near future. I am controlling these from a single computer. The problem I run into is when I upload a file, Say Glowforge 1, it goes out to all three machines. To load a different file on Glowforge 2, I select print on Glowforge 1 and I have to go out to home select a new file for Glowforge 2 and also hit print and then repeat this for Glowforge 3. When the cuts are complete I have to start this process all over again. When you are producing hundreds of cycles it is far too time consuming and slows production way down.

Am I missing something has anyone else had this issue and figured out a solution other than using multiple PC’s. Thanks for the help…

If you had several users Identified and each had a machine you could just change users? You could have all three open at the same time in different windows.

As best as I understand it, the UI is not designed to be used with multiple machines under the same “computer” user (not machine user.)

You could try creating additional computer user accounts and “switching users”, if your OS supports that without logging out in-between. That should cause the local files used by the browser to be unique to each computer user.

It’s not as efficient as you would like, but it might be a lot faster than what you are doing now, assuming it works on your OS. Learn the key combination shortcuts to “switch user” and just flip between them.

Another thought is that perhaps running the GF UI in “Incognito mode” (Chrome term) would do the same thing? Again, to my understanding, local files would be unique to each browser tab/window.

Ok you and rbdanforth sent me down an investigation path and taking a little of everything considered, I have solved the problem.

  1. Create a short cut from Google Chrome to the Glowforge App on your desktop.

  2. When open, select the machine, in my case Glowforge 1

  3. Click on the app again to open a new second tab (page) and then repeat to open a third tab

  4. Click on each tab and assign one machine per tab

  5. Click on a tab with a machine assigned to it and upload your design

  6. Repeat with the other tabs and each machine can support different designs independently and it works perfectly.

Thanks for the help in working through this issue. It works like a charm and easy to flip through google tabs quickly and manage different machines and prints…