Multiple shields

So, I’ve gotten my third set of passthrough shields delivered yesterday. I have this really odd suspicion that since there were 4 tries to get me a working unit, theres going to be another set of shields coming my way in another week or so. I like tech and all and collecting things but I don’t really need a fourth set of these things. Looking to point out that there might be a bug in the system for multiple delivery people. Might wanna save the transit and manu cost for profits. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What keeps going wrong? Delivery, manufacture or design problem?

it was issues with the actual glowforge delivery. 1st wouldn’t calibrate, UPS killed the next two, and then got my current working one. I think that they kept the records of each of those being sent and are just sending the shields without cross-referencing that 3 of them went back.


Thanks for letting us know about this. I’ve let the team know and we’ll look into what happened so that we don’t repeat it.