Musical machines


Seeing this kind of thing makes me want my GF more and more!

Wintergatan - Marble Machine (laser musicbox inspiration)
This is a crazy way to play music
Pre-Release | What the deuce?

Holy crap, that is amazing!!!


They have quite a few videos about the construction process on YouTube. Very impressive undertaking.


Dual threads. which one will win?

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Oops! Either I wasn’t observant enough or fluke timing was involved. What were the chances…?


No fluke. The video premiered on Leap Day. YouTube has it as March 1st. So it’s current. I’m sure I would have posted it from the BoingBoing referral but didn’t read much on Monday and Tuesday.


I don’t know if it is good PR, or just that impressive of a machine… but the video absolutely flooded my world. Almost every webpage I check daily had mention or link to it.

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WOW. I missed that the first four times it was posted, but the fifth finally got me.


It’s mesmerizing to watch. I also started thinking about how I could make something similar with the laser. the past few weeks I was thinking about how to make custom music boxes and the use of the Lego pegs in this one was a great inspiration :slight_smile:


Well, when you’ve got your head buried in makin’ us our GlowForges, I for one won’t blame you.


How it’s made!


Had to do something similar for a class but WAY less involved lol

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Just say this on Make

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