My calibration issues

I think I’m following all of the hints and superstitions, and yet my Glowforge gets stuck on calibration each time, and I have to restart.

I usually leave it off. I turn it on, move the head to be under the camera, put some magazines on top to block any potential sunshine, sacrifice a chicken, stand on one foot and then press the button and hold it to get the aqua light.

I set up my job, it can scan and see the bed, I hit ‘print’.

And then it says calibrating, this can take a few minutes. But it never leaves this step, no matter how long I wait.

I turn it off.

I move the head back, replace the magazines, turn it on, don’t sacrifice a chicken and press for the aqua light.

And then it works.

This method gets me a working glowforge, but I can’t imagine that most people have to through as many steps.

I’m on a Mac, fwiw, and have a strong wifi signal, but that shouldn’t be an issue given this fact pattern, should it?

PS I was kidding about the chickens.


I’m curious as to why you are taking this step?

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I see from an earlier thread you had some trouble completing the WiFi setup. Pressing and holding the button to get a teal light only serves one purpose: to put the Glowforge into broadcast mode, enabling you to complete set up (connect to the Glowforge, tell it your WiFi info/credentials, etc.).

Once that connection has been established, it’s not necessary to hold the button for a teal light anymore unless you wish to configure it to a new network.

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great to know

so, after I turn it on and the button is blank, I can go ahead and use it?

Yep. Assuming that the first setup worked. Sometimes the initial setup will cause a firmware update and it might go through Cal again. But after that you are good to go for almost ever. Calibration normally happens once per power up after that and takes 90 seconds. Probably don’t need to move the head either.

super. and now I don’t have to remember the difference between aqua and teal, which strikes me as an odd choice for a state indicator, but there you go.

thank you all.

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Thanks for your help @jbmanning5 and @rpegg.

@sethgodin I’m so sorry that wasn’t clear. I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other questions, please go ahead and post a new topic.