My cork engraving and cutting settings

I use 1/8" and 1/16" cork as padding for the bottom of concrete planters and coasters I make. Here are the engraving and cutting settings I use for that.

1/8" cork sheet (Amazon)

Engraving: 1000/9
Cutting: 250/100

1/16" cork sheet (Amazon)

Engraving: 1000/9
Cutting: 350/100

And a couple of photos…



why don’t you nest the coasters?

you would use less material.


Balance of that is that hes not going to be able to squeeze any more coasters into one sheet if nested. It just consolidates the scrap for possible other space.


Nice job! :grinning:

oh clearly you don’t get another row of coasters. but you do get a larger piece of scrap for something else.


Ah! Fantastic idea!

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I work things around to always have some bit left over. i ahve barely used BEAMER at this point and I have had him for a year :frowning:

However, as a long time wood/metal worker I like to have useful scraps for that ONE moment I need that one little bit to complete something.


You got some great contrast there.

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Ok if I add this info to the Google Sheet at:


The coasters look great! Thanks for the settings. Very kind of you to share.

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These look great! Really appreciate your settings!

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What do you put in for material? Lisa

You select “Use uncertified material” and then just put in the thickness of your cork.

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Thanks, I thought of that after I sent my question. I was trying to cut some pieces out and it seems that cutting it 265/100 worked better for me. It cut all the way through and didn’t burn.

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Thank you for the settings!!

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I didn’t create that sheet, but it was priceless when I first started with my :glowforge: :smiley:

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Wow, new to this Glowforge gig, went searching for engraving cork, and just found your link for the Google Sheet. SOOOO HELPFUL. Thank you for sharing!


I used that all the time when I was starting out. These days I mostly use the closest PG setting because I’m lazy like that :stuck_out_tongue:
The few things that really don’t have a PG setting I save (cardboard for one). The saved settings are fabulous, be sure to take advantage!

Well also - faster cut time