My cork engraving and cutting settings

Are these settings for cork with adhesive backing?

Anyone have any score settings for this material?

Looks great!

Testify brother!

A score is a cut that doesn’t go all the way through so cut their cutting power setting in half and you’ll have a score line (don’t cut their speed in half or you’ll likely continue to cut)

Ok, thanks. Is that a general rule of thumb for most materials? Score power = 1/2 cut power @ same speed.

Not at all, in fact what depth of a score is “good” is fairly hotly contested. I like scores that barely kiss - but I don’t sand a lot. If you intend to sand then you’ll want a deeper one. You won’t know what your perfect setting is until you run tests (if you run them off the edge of a piece of wood you can see how deeply it scores), but as a place to start - 50% won’t cut through :slight_smile:

There’s a fabulous test strip you can use on any material where you want to get down to the best setting for you.

For example for Basswood plywood the Draft score setting is 300/30, and the HD score is 125/10 - I have a manual setting of 300/21 (comparing/contrasting the PG settings is useful as a starting point as well - if there is one that matches your material)