My cut wont go through proof grade material

i cleaned lens and mirror and crumb tray but still wont cut through on medium proof grade draft board even on acrylic. but if i use the thick setting it will cut but it doesn’t make sense cause last week its still okay to use medium setting on medium proof grade material! HELP PLEASE!!!

There are multiple lenses/windows that need cleaning. If you’ve only cleaned the lens and mirror, that’s probably what’s causing the trouble.

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Yes i cleaned everything even the one on the very left on the head itself and the 2 lens under.

Crumb tray is flat and seated in the divots? The black rounded piece facing to the front of the machine? The GF is flat (level isn’t a big issue but flat is)?

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Yes its flat and i even put those hook tovmake sure its flat and doesnt move

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with cutting through the material. I see you’ve also emailed us and I’ve just followed up there with the next steps.

To avoid duplicate communication, this post will be closed and we’ll continue to work on this through email.