My designs are duplicating in the home menu screen

Everytime I think i have a handle on this , i get thrown a curve ball.

So before I understood what was happening I was deleting the duplicates only to find out that I was deleting the Original designs as well.


That sounds like a browser issue to me…try clearing your cache and restarting? Does it do the same thing in other browsers?

I was hoping also that might be the case, but I tried safari and google chrome and both show the duplicates in the show more features.

Hmmm. I’ve tried it, and I can’t get it to happen here.

I was afraid that might happen. I am using a mac computer running both safari and google chrome are you also. ?

I can duplicate the results every time I upload a new design file.

I use a Mac, and primarily Chrome, but I also tried it in Firefox, just to see.

It might help support to troubleshoot if you could upload some screen shots of what it looks like on your end.

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This is where they all end up, duplicates that have confused me and really messed me up good this week.

Please help

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Oh!!! You’re right! I rarely scroll that far back (I have a TON of project files these days), so I hadn’t noticed, but you’re right. When I get down to the very bottom of my list of project files, there are several rows of repeats of the latest designs I’ve uploaded.

Top of list:

Bottom of list:

What ever you do, do not delete them or rename them or breathe on them as they will screw everything up in a bad way, I have cursed them, as i deleted all of them only to find out 3 days or work gone. The problem with uploading them is having to resize every one , its painful when you have orders to fill.

Does anyone besides you and i even know about this , lol;

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I don’t use the GFUI for file storage; I keep my original files all in a directory on my hard drive that’s duplicated to cloud storage. The project files in the GFUI are just working files; if they get messed up or lost it’s no big deal, because my originals are safe on my HD.

Why are you resizing after uploading? You can’t do precise resizing in the GFUI; much better to size things the way you want them in your design program before uploading, and that way you always have a way to make the exact same thing again.


Yep , I knew you were going to get me to do more work, , your like a slave driver, lol

I guess that is the answer , the problem I have is that I do struggle with getting the perfect size and always have to make some kind of 1/16 of an adjustment as i fit all the part together . UGH It was so nice the way it was working , but just like you got me to learn the Adobe , i will have to safe guard myself now, and no wonder know one cares about this bug , I am the only one doing it all wrong. lol

No, there’s definitely a bug, and they’ll care about that. But even without the bug, you just can’t do precision stuff in the GFUI. And anything worth doing is worth doing right. :slight_smile:

My brother (@timjedwards) has taught me to always prototype in cardboard. It’s cheap, cuts beautifully, and you can save yourself a lot of wasted materials that way. :slight_smile:


So your workflow is to get it as close as possible in AI bring it to the laser cut it, go back AI change it bring it back to the laser until its perfect, I do use cardboard so that is a plus, but the workflow is staggering , is there a way to export the images yet by chance. ?

Good catch. I would never have had a reason to scroll that far back to see this.

It appears (from the time stamps of the items I have left in the UI) that this started about the same time the Compass Rose was punted to us.

So that gives a place to start examining for abusive code. Last week of August and what they were activating to put the ROSE into the UI.

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YES ! I have a good catch BADGE . Thank you.


“As close as possible” doesn’t apply at all to my workflow. When I design something I’m not just guessing at size; I’m building it to specific measurements that I determine beforehand. If it needs to fit something that already exists, I measure that thing precisely with calipers. If I’m making something from scratch, I visualize how big I want it while looking at a ruler to determine the measurements I want. Then I start drawing, and size my design according to the measurements I’ve come up with, modified by any kerf calculations etc. that might be necessary.

The cardboard step is to make sure I didn’t screw up my calculations, or maybe incorrectly visualize how two things were going to go together, so I can catch any mistakes. When I’m confident I’ve got the mistakes corrected, then I cut from my final material.

There’s nothing “staggering” about it; the cardboard step saves a lot of time and grief. :slight_smile:


Ok I guess what has been throwing me off on my calculations the amount of material that I lose from the laser cut , this seems to be my nightmare only. This is because I am constantly adjusting the laser power , speed and passes , and have always made the slight adjustments in the GFUI that come with that. I need to make some changes in the workflow, thank you. For me its staggering do to the number of designs and changes I have already made that have to be redone so I can get out of the GFUI and into my old folders. :slight_smile: like the nurse told me to.

Always do what the nurse tells you to do. :slight_smile: