My earrings crumble, what am I doing wrong?

I’ve been trying to make wooden jewelry on here for a while now but every time I make a piece, they just seem to easily crumble. For example, I tried out the ginko leaf earrings from a free design here, and they fall apart if slightly squeezed (when taking off the paper).

I’m assuming this is a wood choice. Is there a really solid wood I could use for intricate designs? Thanks

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Welocme to the forum.

I think plywood is better than hardwood for intricate designs.


Can you post a few pictures of what you are working with?

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What wood are you using?


In my experience, hardwood earrings can easily crumble or crack in the 1/8" size. I use ply now because it is much hardier. If hardwood is essential consider backing with a resin layer.


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