My exhaust fan broke

so my exhaust fan broke, customer support said they needed to confirm my address for shipping labels, which I did confirm , then asked if this would be any cost to me . My glowforge is only like 2 months old , every moment im down is money every day is the difference between succeeding as a small business and complete failure, I would originally read the email as they would send me a fan replacement but appearantly this means an entire refurbished machine, will this cost me anything in shipping or boxes? ALSO, if i hook up an inline system between now and when the replacement arrives will this effect my warranty ? I ordered an s6 inline fan yesterday while waiting on GF customer support to respond, lots of people run these machines but I want to know if this will effect my warranty in any one before hooking it up or if i should just ship it back when it gets here an wait on glowforge replacement due to warranty concerns.

If it’s under warranty, they won’t charge you for parts or shipping. You should be fine using the inline fan in the meantime.


Think of it as a blessing. (a) you’ll get a new machine, (b) you’ve got the external fan and © your ears will now love you because that whiny fan is no longer ruining your higher range of hearing. :slight_smile:
All free of charge :slight_smile:

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I would feel more confident if i could get the customer service to email me back answer those questions though, I asked this morning if running this machine with the inline fan would effect the warranty and if there would be any cost to me in regards to fixing this situation and no reply, will they at least let me know if my claim ever gets processed?

Obviously can’t answer officially but in previous posts a warranty replacement was free including shipping. But that assumed you are in the US. If I remember correctly International warranties incur shipping costs for anything other than a machine that was broken in the initial shipping process. It’s possible that policy has changed and I missed it, since I just skim the posts associated with replacing non US units.

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Hi @PewPewPew,

Since your Glowforge is still covered by the warranty that came with your purchase, the replacement will be totally free for you. I’ve just followed up directly to your email with more details and information about using an inline fan and how it affects the warranty. Since we’re chatting there, I’m going to close this thread.

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