My Fantasy Airship attempt

Beautiful! :heart_eyes:

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The aerodynamicist in me says that the envelope (balloon) is pointing the wrong way. As designed, it will be terribly tail heavy. The layout should be turned around so it looks more like a tugboat with the taller “bridge” part to the bow (under the larger part of the balloon), and the part that’s the foredeck now becoming a “fantail” (where you’d land your ornithopter, obviously. How else can you come and go?).

This looks very cool, but it would never fly as-is. :slight_smile:


I bet it would be possible to put it together closer to this…just depends on how stable that (now) single center support would bee!


OMG Wonderful. See, you can teach a 83 year old Sea Dog new tricks. “The ruler mechanism Did It”. Reminds me of a Limrick that ends in “but think of the money he saved”.


That is outstanding. I have been wanting to print this for the young man that watches my puppies when I have to go out of town and I think this just sealed it. I know he will have a great job putting it together with his dad.