My First 2 Months With My Unit


Okay, can I just say… THIS MACHINE IS AMAZING. I’ve had Toaster (yes, Toaster) for about two months and (while there have been some failed prints and frustrations with UI) the machine is everything I had hoped for. I’ve basically been using it non-stop during any spare moment.

I haven’t been pushing it marketing wise that much but I have already hit $4000 in sales ($3200 Profit) and I hit 2000 followers on Instagram today (dont mean to brag… well maybe a little). I did not expect it to take off nearly this much. But since I have been so busy I haven’t been able to post here on the fourms too much so… here is a dump of just some of the projects I have made so far!!

PS. Mumford says hi.
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I love this machine. I think I may have to pick up a Pro in the next year or so if that passthrough imporves.

Glowforge staff (@dan) Thank you for this machine. Its amazing. You and your teams blood (hopefully not litterally), sweat and tears were worth every bit.

Features I really want now that I have had a chance to get some hands on experience:

  1. Pause. I have had quite a few failed prints that could have been saved if I were able to pause, open the lid and adjust my material (or re-tape down material) or even being able to pause for the when I need to leave and resume when I return. (This would make long prints eaiser if we could take breaks)
  2. Repeat print. I would love to be able to have the ability to just pop a new peice of material in the unit and hit the button right away for doing multiple of the same print. This would make batch jobs so much eaiser.
  3. The ability to stop the refresh of the bed image and just work with a blank white background. It’s easy to not see some elements when aranging them on the bed. being able to toggle it off and on would be huge.
  4. Support for print queues.
  5. Zoom. Man, I would love to be able to zoom out more than 68 percent! :slight_smile:
  6. Paste in place.

EDIT: And folders. Man, that would help with my orginization of files.
Edit 2. And a search function.


Love what you did with the rolling pin. What settings did you use?


That thing was a painnnnn. Full power at 800 speed and 340 lpi. Still want to tweak that process.


Wow! Thanks for sharing! Your stuff is awesome!!! :+1:


You are off to a rockin! start! Goodness! Very impressive!


Sadly, only one like per entry. Would have given more…


My gosh, do you sleep at all? What an impressive output!


Quite an array of lasered awesomeness.


Man, that is quite the list of projects and in such a short amount of time! Great job!


i feel ashamed at how much less i’ve done in the same timeframe… :slight_smile:


Awesome work! I’m so looking forward to getting mine.



So impressive! Thanks for sharing.


Awesome!!! Oh and HI Mumford :heart_eyes: :wave: :hedgie:


I see you the name Toaster is quite literal! Thanks for sharing your feedback. From the looks of it, you’re already very well acquainted with your Glowforge.


Great job on all of them! (Particularly like the Winnipeg cityscape!) :grinning:


These are cool and all, but I cut a neat star out of paper once.


Jeez dude, you lasered all the things.

Save some for the rest of us!


thanks for sharing, I just love everything you do. I’m getting mine tomorrow and if i can do as well, even fraction of what you’ve done, I’ll be happy. You inspire me! Thanks


Yay! Another Graphic Designer here! LOVE the designs!


Beautiful work. Also, I am SO jealous of your domain name! :wink: