My First Cuts! Pocket Tsuro and Pet Name Tag

And now, my second cuts!

First of all, I made my flatmate pocket chess because he asked for it, but he absconded with the chess as soon as it was made, so all I have is the SVG for anyone else who wants to make it. Cuts in one color, scores in another, and engraves are set to engrave. One side gets the positive chess pieces, the other side gets the negative chess pieces, and cut small enough that each half of the board is less than 3" long so that it will fit in a Ziplock snack bag. The piece holder is good for captured pieces. Given that it is pocket chess and will be stored in a snack bag, the piece holder is useless for holding the pieces.



Lessons learned: the positive pieces are too large in the negative spaces and some of the negatives (queen and bishops) crumbled into much smaller bits when cut in Proofgrade Maple Hardwood at a total length (left to right) of 6".

Pink = cut. Teal = score. Black = engrave.

Pocket Tsuro v 2.0 made without the pen notches. I also deepened the engraving and tried to add a frame, but as you can see it was too thin in most places. My goal is to keep this small enough to fit in a Ziplock snack bag (and I did). In order to get a thicker frame next time, I may have to go the puzzle piece route like I did with the chess board.

I’d love a REAL, OFFICIAL Pocket Tsuro (hint, hint. I’ve heard rumors that the Tsuro designer is a Glowforge owner so maybe she’ll stumble here …)

#EveTheSnake is getting a new tank on Monday. An upgrade. She’s growing. 55 gallons! And so, she’s going to need a new name tag since her old name tag is affixed to her old tank.

So, this time I didn’t just cut the cardboard, I scored it, too. I like the wood burned look. I cut this at a 30 degree angle to the corrugations so that nothing would fall in to the cardboard. The score settings came from here, but I reduced the power to 25.

Using those same settings, I made my brother a coaster sized artwork for his beloved English Bulldog, Sonny. This time I cut with vertical corrugations. As you can see, the O on Sonny’s name as well as a few toes, one of his eyes, and his shoulder fell in to the cardboard.